Call Analytics as never before

Go ahead and take charge! Be it cold calling, sales calls or simple business calls. Know them, analyze them and improve your business All at your finger tips with the latest technology and making it easy.

Every call counts. Hence Call analytics becomes a powerful tool to take charge of your business calls. You can chalk all your support calls, or sales calls, its becomes handy, easy and straightforward with our user interface.

Key Points

  • Call reports: Check your call reports in a grid view in the time span you want
  • Sort and search your results: Additional features of the grid view enables you to search and sort the results again with your input.
  • Birds eye view: Chalk your calls per day, monthly or yearly and get a broader perspective to your business.
  • External Calls: The calls outside your phone system e.g sales calls sure are most important calls which can need to tracked, and analyzed
  • Click of a button: Chalk all your voice calls that come in and go out on your external phone numbers you subscribe for your company. Select the phone number and click of a button view all calls on that line at any give time.
  • Change the view: You need details call view reports, click for the grid view, and graph view would give you the snap shot of the number of calls and the duration.
  • Instant and Dynamic: Using advanced JavaScript, AJAX and JSON, the results are instant, fast and right in front of you in the most desirable and extensible way to view them

Designed to be right the first time, every time

Telrouter is designed to scale as much as your communication needs do. We don't want you to look for a new system when you grow. Telrouter is expandable, modular and feature rich to serve todays need as well as tomorrow. Just concentrate on what you do best, leave the telecommunications part to us.

      Choose Choose
      Choose Choose
    Time to Deply Fast Relatively Slow
    Dependency on service Provider Yes No
    Control Less More
    Scalability Costly Easy
    Initial Investement Less More
    Flexibility Less More

Ask the right questions

  • How much can I afford for my phonesystem ?
  • How much control on my pbx do I need ?
  • What is hosted vs server appliance based phone system ?
  • What are my options to scale ?

Key Buyer Options:

  • Pick the appliance: Its simple, pick a pbx server that suits your business needs
  • Have us host your phone system:Save your time! Subscribe to all the features you want and the extensions you need and rest is in our hands to deliver to your expectations
  • Buy phone numbers or Minutes:Pick what suites your need and budget to call outside your business. You can buy minutes or get few phone numbers and call out
  • Custom Solutionidentify, define, develop, and implement a solution using a combination of our appliances ,(firefly, caiman) and voice service provider for your external calls or a hosted service by telRouter

Get upto speed

Get upto speed

See it yourself

All at one store ?

Main factors

For a phone system the main factors we need are a pbx (either online or hosted), phone(sip, analog, fax), IP trunking, pstn trunking, phone numbers for the company, calling packages (minutes or flat rate). Once you have the above you need to integrate all of these and configure them. You have all the options with us, the choice is yours.

One Stop Shop

  • Everything on us:
  • All the ingredients for a phone system are available with us at our shop shop
    Tell us your need and we will guide you what to buy and set things up

  • Pbx solution:
  • You can build your pbx bottom up from network to pbx to routing the calls and have control.
    Or you can opt for a cloud based hosted service where the effort is ours, a complete fully blown scalable pbx is yours

  • Build your own pbx:
  • You have choice to go with any other pbx, and piggy back on our network
    Just use our integration and consulting service to help you build your own pbx system

  • Order online or call:
  • Define your needs and develop, and implement a solution using a combination of platform software and hardware
    Speed: A complete and fully blown ecommerce site will give you productized interfaces to network and IT assets
    Attractiveness: Intuitive user interface using the latest web technologies

Not Just a pbx!

We provide appliances not just pbx servers. Our appliances are hassle free bundled with very intuitive gui, where a non techie can manage it and configure it. We provide solutions not just products. Our appliances coupled with our integration services to design and configure your network will answer to all you problems

An advanced Phone System

  • Customer portals:
  • A telrouter gui that will configure and route calls based on the rules set in the system
    Ip trunking service portal where you can change your see all you voip trunks. You can choose to buy new trunks and it will show up on your portal
    Cloud pbx portal where you can configure your route rules and add user extensions and features

  • Preconfigured:
  • Choose telRouter for the turnking services and the pbx, we will integrate everything and ship it to you
    Once configured by us, it will be matter of plug and play

Save Money

      Option 1 telRouter Option 2
    Starter Solutions >$1000 yesLowest > $1700
    Large Solution > $1300 yesLowest > $2000
    Extensions Limited yesUnlimited Limited
    VoIP Trunks Limited yesUnlimited Limited

Simplify your business calls


Get used to being easy

  • Ease of Use
  • Simple and easy icon based GUI
  • Using latest web technologies AJAX, PHP, JSON, JQUERY the information required is not only displayed innovatively, but also at faster time rates
  • Every call counts, the cdr analysis can be done to a granular level as date, user, monthly, daily, yearly and dids
  • Initial setup wizard for server appliances i.e. firefly and caiman which make it very easy to plug into your network
  • Use our IP trunking services and get your own portal to manage your account
  • Reliable
  • Built on open standards and latest web technologies
  • Tested and certified for 50 simultaneous call conversations per sec
  • Latest chip set on server appliances helped to achieve the call load we declare
  • Redundant failover switching capabilities ensure no loss of service on your cloud pbx
  • Affordable:
  • Bottom line all the server appliances and online solutions are money saver
  • We are the most reliable cheapest phone system solution. Prove us wrong we will match your price.

Untangle from Contracts

Free up your mind

  • Service Contracts: of any type cause less control on your pbx

  • telRouter needs no service contract which ever appliance you choose and which ever service you pick
    Be it cloud based hassle free service based solution, or just subscribing voice over ip minutes on our network, or a plain telRouter appliance you get what you order, no hidden costs, no extra fees or any service contracts

  • Limited access to features:

  • Why limit yourself with few features or pay extra for fully blown feature set
    Unleash and untangle from such alcarte of features.
    Whether its one employee in a business or a 100 employees, you need access to all enterprise based features.

  • Not being in control:

  • Does not matter if you are an IT company or not, purchasing a phone system is as simple as picking a router or a laptop.
    Ask the right questions, let our experts help you.
    Decide what is that you what and get what you need!

Key facts

Know VoIP

  • Why VoIP?

  • The acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.
    Voice can be transmitted over a simple internet network in the same fashion that data is moved while browsing the web.
    Your telephone now becomes a part of your existing network and allows you to make calls using the internet.

  • Why this approach?

  • VoIP has been there for more than a decade now and is very mature
    The call quality and the features are lot more promising and innovative than a traditional pbx
    Enjoy the fruits of both the worlds internet and pstn network at fraction of a cost
    All you need is internet connection to get your phone system working

  • Why telRouter?

  • We are the experts in voip
    No customer small or big, we cater to all
    We know business hence customers are given atmost importance, hence the excellent customer service
    We beat our competitors hands down on prices and the knowledge base
    Order online and get going!

What Customers say ?

Speak up

  • • Speed: reduced business partner monetization time from months to weeks and days using a single exposure platform
  • • Attractiveness: increased portfolio of partners including multiple MVNO, wholesale, telematics, internet content providers, and Web 2.0 prosumers
  • • Control: enforced flexible compliance by applying customizable enforcement across partner portfolio
  • • Profitable Scale: scaled services using a single exposure platform for Legacy and IP Networks while minimizing overbuild
  • • Speed: reduced overall services launch times by 50% for first 150 services connected
  • • Attractiveness: increased portfolio of ?long tail? services by launching O2 Litmus, an open community of innovative services
  • • Control: 100% compliance to policies by consolidating network access points from 20 to 1 for capabilities including messaging, security, and charging
  • • Profitable Scale : reusing single platform for launching, securing, and monetizing services
  • • Speed: reduced onboarding time by eliminating manual, silo?d processes
  • • Attractiveness: increased third party services by launching the SingTel Developer Program
  • • Control: ensured services uptime and regulatory conformance by developing custom policy using granular event records
  • • Profitable Scale : minimized operating expenses through uniform, best practices implementation across operating companies
  • • Speed: enabled instant mobile content purchases using existing prepaid and postpaid systems via the 3API exposure platform
  • • Attractiveness: increased portfolio of third party services featured on ?Planet 3? and ?Apps on 3? with integrated payment processes
  • • Control: applying consistent policy across tools, payment and charging processes
  • • Profitable Scale : reusing 3API technologies across Australia, UK, and other operating companies